Tuesday, 1 March 2011

a heavy burden family or suitcase

a heavy burden
family or suitcase

a sudden break in car
stopped with a jerk,a bit far
here exits a billonare
fightin with the coolie for fare

he refuses a bit and bargains for penny
and thinks "had his son food any"
the coolie for sure sed "yes majesty"
give me anything "i cant go empty"

now that man of sixty seventy
wieghs load much more than his capacity
with a joy too much for the coming money
to fill the stomach of his son hungry

he slowly moves towards the platform
lookin at the billionares in white uniform
askin himself"will my son be an officer"
and answering "there is no fortune for poor"

he asks"wats the time"
the man is rude says"y do u wanna go home"
"do ur work or ull b throne"

the coolie is sad with tears overwhelmed
now he reaches a bench dirty with dent
seeing his master w8ting
and his son in luxury and he is ticketing

asks the coolie"cant my son b
lik that for even a day"
then he plans to move on thinkin
 about the money he gets today

his plan for his old mother
and a sad and workaholic wife
than hears peee.... and sounds other
for the train which is about to arrive

the masters tell him to b quick
and rush to the ac compartment
agan the burden is on his back stick
the masters settle with adjustment

he asks his pay for his service
the masters agan bargain givin him less
moving out of the ac place says he
"a heavy burden family or suitcase"


  1. beautiful but heart tearing words keep writing

  2. no doubt..its excellent!!!!Damni is "ahead of het time"...

  3. Profound thoughts for somebody so young!

  4. Nice work.


  5. Very Heart touching Lines,,good effort for those Poor people

  6. young age me itnee gahrai, pahle nahee dekhee. lagta hai bahut dino se likh rahi hain.

  7. I really like it Cool and great imagination!
    God Bless you

  8. from the bottom of my heart,god bless you n keep writing

  9. Bahut Achcha. Isi trh likhte rahen.

  10. You have weight in your thoughts. Keep the good work going. :)