Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Roaring of tiger sounded like thunder
Villagers ran to save their living,
people thot the scene as wonder,
They blamed the tiger for killing......

"bring my gun , i shoot him"
exclaimed one of the zamindar,
He was followed upto his whim,
servant shot the outraged tiger.......

All happy to kill the innocent mother,
whose cub was run thru' by a gypsie
for fun of few who surrounded her
to hav fun with photography......

Is it black ink tht is aim of masses
or the save tiger succession,
The poacher as ususal passes;
for which we show no concentration.....

they who disturb their natural home
can how claim to end his vain,
they who kill him for reason not known
destroy his solitude calling the "SAVE TIGER CAMPAIGN"....


  1. Thank you Damini for sharing such a beautiful poem. this poem is an honest representation of the truth and reality going on the name of conservation.

  2. Simply great...surprising to see a 12th std student is sentimental about wild life...
    With lot Of Blessings