Monday, 7 March 2011


down a hill, there stood a town
with all the colours red, blue and brown

in the midst of a city,was a flowing river
that gave foodwater and cold to shiver.

one side of it had huge buildins full of luxury,
and people wer gentlman with large property.

and dealings from foreign to import and export,
and servants arround to help,clean and support

but although the city looked beautiful thinks way
there was a part which stood from the river:away

it had small huts full of dirt
and people so poor
with shabby jeans and shirt

with no job to earn eat and fly
cildren out of hunger are left to cry

the government to help and give reassurance
but it goes the other side which makes all diference


  1. You have always wrote on poor peoples issue. Your poems are promising to see the problems of poor. God bless you.

  2. A great poet is in making. Keep writing, Keep writing, Keep writing, Keep writing.
    Wish u the best