Thursday, 24 February 2011

life or black

as the golden sun
dawns upon the dark and complete cave
a girl sees this beautiful world
as a painting full of coulourful wave

just as she opens her eyes
and brings in the beutiful light
the sadness of the dark sky
is lost in the glory and bright

now she starts heading towards her youth
with her small steps of wisdom
the sun now reaches overhead to describe
the movement of birds with freedom

she has now grown a young lady
and the sky is immitating the girl
in the readdish bridal satire
who will now enter an era of calmness swirl

now starts the day of serenity
to give life and to give peace
the sun is now not violent
and is heading castle of his reACH

the evening is stable
helpin birds to reach their destiny
and the children grow and learn
in their mothers facts and testimony

the sun is now planning
to go his grand castle to bring darkness
the mother is old and cannot walk
for her children left her to sadness

the night comes and ends everythng
leaves a black mark undiminished
the grandmother sleeps and starts
a journey to heaven unlieshed

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

is this progression

growin in the world is recession
troubles masses and procession
old are the suicide of farmers
but new are the occasiion

government is unconcern
of their politics and numerous temptation
terrorist kill hundrds of ppl
for their fun and frustration

umemployed and undergraduated is the  youth
and is a piece of news and topic of sensation
polluting the holy world
in face of their suspension

tigers are saved on newspapers and advertisements
by ministers and their so called regiments
and their sons kill tigers in reality
without having any allegations

tigers are saved
to protect their succesion
to grow the humanity and the declining craze
 due to animation

womens burnt alive for gold and dowry
to fulfil the greeds needs and somtimes aggression
after 60 years of independence of india
i ask is this progression?

no legal forums no legal charges
to worshiip the lord and owner of coruuption
to protect copse lik kalmady
to make his life worth vacation

 dying are the waves the feelings and soul
of india as a godess and as a nation
y underprevilid uneducated and the handicapped
are the ones to get least attention?

is this the dream the desire and the motto
the reality and destination
for all who layed their lives
and who wer patriotic creations

gone are the days of laxmi and tantya
here are the days of raja and maya
follow the wrong and worship lie
else u will suffer fortune as assasination

the world is ahead by steps and miles
poor are their not in mind but in files
they who cant mark their name on a paper
will how make history and influence nature

cant questions make their lives and change their situation?
cant a step change the truth and lift them frm station?

we so called burdened 100 crore population
cant change the ethics and the way?
the 1000's of small minds in the system
and we talk about united india and coalation

is just the poems and black and white ink on paper?
spread like a word of helplessness
or an emblem of an insensitive society
using truth as a weapon of their small passions?

issues and matter lik taj and other terrifyin rations
are not to be taken as matter of security
but as a source of flowing money into the pockets
by directors of telivision

taj is called the beauty and
the feeling of king and his tenations
wasnt it the reason to cut thousand of hands?
to further stop the artist frm his grand venations

hundreds of girl child killed
in rural areas for  unburden and concession
ask the mother ,is it the true destiny?
or old and ruthless rural conservation

is this world a virtual castle
to cause pain and make ill correction?
or to make the world worthy
with love and determination?