Thursday, 24 February 2011

life or black

as the golden sun
dawns upon the dark and complete cave
a girl sees this beautiful world
as a painting full of coulourful wave

just as she opens her eyes
and brings in the beutiful light
the sadness of the dark sky
is lost in the glory and bright

now she starts heading towards her youth
with her small steps of wisdom
the sun now reaches overhead to describe
the movement of birds with freedom

she has now grown a young lady
and the sky is immitating the girl
in the readdish bridal satire
who will now enter an era of calmness swirl

now starts the day of serenity
to give life and to give peace
the sun is now not violent
and is heading castle of his reACH

the evening is stable
helpin birds to reach their destiny
and the children grow and learn
in their mothers facts and testimony

the sun is now planning
to go his grand castle to bring darkness
the mother is old and cannot walk
for her children left her to sadness

the night comes and ends everythng
leaves a black mark undiminished
the grandmother sleeps and starts
a journey to heaven unlieshed

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