Wednesday, 9 March 2011


a small shack of a poor man
has no story but of its own
unlike riches for their success
but has emptiness to harrass

they dont have designer wordrobe
to tense about the next outfit
but just a few tattered clothes
which are marks of their worst hit

they dont worry about the menu
but worry about the clean plates
for their children to sleep hungry
when this world is rich enugh to waste

how can a clean plate bring
sadness and tears in a mothers eye
how can a hole in a cloth showin world
tempt all kids to cry

their room has nothing but air
neither furniture nor chandeliare
but the stillness of the room
and the dirt brings in tear

thier life is simple
and has no goal to achieve
but has everlasting complains
and people around to decieve

how can the air bring emotion
and stillness bring frustration
how can a simple life goaless
be such a horror to fight fearless

they have nothing to achieve
but still a lot within to grieve
how can this be their fate so small
where emptiness is not for all


  1. good reflection on this so called development.

  2. a painful truth of our society

  3. Well said..Universal Truth of our Society..

  4. Hey posting reality in verse ! A master piece

  5. A good reflection of the present day situation !

  6. A good insight on economic disparity and the ordeals of being poor.