Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Roaring of tiger sounded like thunder
Villagers ran to save their living,
people thot the scene as wonder,
They blamed the tiger for killing......

"bring my gun , i shoot him"
exclaimed one of the zamindar,
He was followed upto his whim,
servant shot the outraged tiger.......

All happy to kill the innocent mother,
whose cub was run thru' by a gypsie
for fun of few who surrounded her
to hav fun with photography......

Is it black ink tht is aim of masses
or the save tiger succession,
The poacher as ususal passes;
for which we show no concentration.....

they who disturb their natural home
can how claim to end his vain,
they who kill him for reason not known
destroy his solitude calling the "SAVE TIGER CAMPAIGN"....

Friday, 18 March 2011

धुंधला विकास

उनका नाम न हिन्दू न मुस्लमान
वो बस बेघरों की गिनती में शुमार
न सत्ता की चाह न गद्दी से प्यार
उन्हें तो बस अपने आशियाने का इंतज़ार

हजारों की भीड़ रोती आम सड़कों पर
सरकार मूक और कानून अँधा है
उन आम लोगों के आंसुओं का क्या मोल
जिनके पास नहीं अपना घरोंदा है

लोगों की ज़मीन का अवैध धंधा
तो अमीरों की अजीब हठ है
वो जो सड़कों पे रहते हैं
उनक लिए तो असमान ही छत है

बड़े बड़े कारखानों की लालच में
दिखते ही किसे हैं उनक मटमैले छप्पर
धू धू कर जला देते हैं सबकुछ
उनका एक अकेला सुन्दर घर

मुआवज़े और वादे कागज पर फैली स्याही
जो किसी क आंसुओं से धुल जाती है
वो गरीबों के मत से अपना घर बनाते
और उसी के घर को तोड़कर
धुंधले विकास की सडकें बनवाते

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


a small shack of a poor man
has no story but of its own
unlike riches for their success
but has emptiness to harrass

they dont have designer wordrobe
to tense about the next outfit
but just a few tattered clothes
which are marks of their worst hit

they dont worry about the menu
but worry about the clean plates
for their children to sleep hungry
when this world is rich enugh to waste

how can a clean plate bring
sadness and tears in a mothers eye
how can a hole in a cloth showin world
tempt all kids to cry

their room has nothing but air
neither furniture nor chandeliare
but the stillness of the room
and the dirt brings in tear

thier life is simple
and has no goal to achieve
but has everlasting complains
and people around to decieve

how can the air bring emotion
and stillness bring frustration
how can a simple life goaless
be such a horror to fight fearless

they have nothing to achieve
but still a lot within to grieve
how can this be their fate so small
where emptiness is not for all

Monday, 7 March 2011


down a hill, there stood a town
with all the colours red, blue and brown

in the midst of a city,was a flowing river
that gave foodwater and cold to shiver.

one side of it had huge buildins full of luxury,
and people wer gentlman with large property.

and dealings from foreign to import and export,
and servants arround to help,clean and support

but although the city looked beautiful thinks way
there was a part which stood from the river:away

it had small huts full of dirt
and people so poor
with shabby jeans and shirt

with no job to earn eat and fly
cildren out of hunger are left to cry

the government to help and give reassurance
but it goes the other side which makes all diference

Thursday, 3 March 2011

i wish................

a hen wakes this beautiful world
"he" is awake and thrilled
got ready with his daily chores
like any1 in his house bores

white was his shirt
creased without a dirt
pleated were his black pants
and he looked "a perfect gentleman"

black shoes shine like a mirror
polished carefully without any error
in it were white socks clean and neat
he dressed with curiosity no one can beat

now he wears a tie around his neck
had his breakfast with bag on his back
came out of his small lil room
hugged his mother with  tears and gloom

he asked her"cant i go to school"
she sed"we dont hav enough even for food"
"go and fill the bucket today"
"i surely will go to school some day"

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

a farmer

once there was a farmer in a very small village.
one year he got good he planned to open a small business interlinked to he thoughtcold storage would be a good option.
he went and bought necessary things and in a small room he set a small cold stoprage for nearby farmers of his village he thot that most of the cold storage are first far from his village and they charge too much also they do not care enough.the cold storage was apreciated by all other farmers .This was not likd by rich owners of cold storage so they hired a person named raja and told him to go and keep a bag ful of grains infcted by rodents and containg one or 2 rats.he did exactly and other crops were infected.his cold storage failed.he complained against raja but police had
enough money from rich party.farmer decided to shut down the cold storage and take 75% of the initial money and start a new business.

now he thot he wud buy tractor and other farmin items and would giv it on rent.other farmers appreciated it again coz now they got farming items at low rates.again the rich farmers did not liked it.this time they took advantage of the illiteracy of the small farmer and told him that he would get cheap tractor, the small farmer agreed.....his business was running quite well but very soon some policemen arrived and said that due to lack of proper documentation and illegal buyin and sellin of tractor,,,,that small farmer cant keep the tractor....
poor farmer sold the tractor and got 50% of his money back

now he decided to buy a piece of land which he will kepp as security for his future....he bought the land....however some criminals in politics did not liked this....they warned the farmer to give the land back or else they will kill him.....the farmer told that his hard earned money is involved with the land so he cant giv it to the criminals he has no other security....the criminals beat him badly and he was taken to the hospital....

the hospital charged too much ...he decided to sell the land and with the 25% he wanted his treatment

he did not get the proper treatment and due to poor sanitary conditions he
became a patient of malaria..which was again not treated well ....he was in his last stage and untimately he died..

now nothng was left money...only his wife 6 children out of which 5 daughters and a very old mother


1 had the farmer not died of malaria he would have commited suicide...i wanted to tell fight till ur last breadth

2 in the first story we saw how corrution stops growth
3 the second story shows how illiteracy stops growth
4 in the third story we saw how lack of health facility tiook toll of a life
5 and finally a big family but no security for future


station se utarkar
charo or narzrein failakar
dekha wahan fir se 5 saal baad
jahan urdu mein likha tha"allahabad"

station se bahar aakar
ek rickshaw ko rokar
pochha "bhai kitne loge 0 road chodkar"
wo bola"kuchh bhi de do sahab" haath jod kar

usk baad rickshaw mein baithkar
laga aaj ghumenge sara shahar
dhire dhire badha rickshaw
dekha ek mandir tha udhar

na badla itne saal mein uska asar
hindu musalman jhukata wahan apna sar
baaju mein chai ki dukan pe jama log
dekh rahe world cup purani tv par

chai ki chuski aur pan ki bahar
"wo laga chhakka" uchhle log kehkar
rickshaw nei ab pakdi raftar
bola wo"aaye ho shar mein pehli baar"

hum bole "nahi chacha"
yahan se humara rishta purana
laga rahta hai allahabad ki tang
galiyon mein aana jana

itne mein aayi halwayi ki dukan
jahan the samose namkeen aur pakwan
dekhkar humare muh mein paani aaye
lage chalo chalkar kuchh khaya jaye

utre rickshaw se hum
aur mangi jalebi garmagaram
lekar beithe rickshaw mein
fir aage chal diye hum

badi bhid jama ek thele ki taraf
gaye to dekhe mil rahi thi"nanka ki baraf"
humara jee phir se lalchaya
bola ricksaw"0 road aaya"

utre rickshaw se; paise diye
thele pargaye bole" hum bhi ek kulhar dijiye"
diye nanka ko 50 or rickshaw ko 100
pedal nikal pade us gali se apne ghar ko

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

a heavy burden family or suitcase

a heavy burden
family or suitcase

a sudden break in car
stopped with a jerk,a bit far
here exits a billonare
fightin with the coolie for fare

he refuses a bit and bargains for penny
and thinks "had his son food any"
the coolie for sure sed "yes majesty"
give me anything "i cant go empty"

now that man of sixty seventy
wieghs load much more than his capacity
with a joy too much for the coming money
to fill the stomach of his son hungry

he slowly moves towards the platform
lookin at the billionares in white uniform
askin himself"will my son be an officer"
and answering "there is no fortune for poor"

he asks"wats the time"
the man is rude says"y do u wanna go home"
"do ur work or ull b throne"

the coolie is sad with tears overwhelmed
now he reaches a bench dirty with dent
seeing his master w8ting
and his son in luxury and he is ticketing

asks the coolie"cant my son b
lik that for even a day"
then he plans to move on thinkin
 about the money he gets today

his plan for his old mother
and a sad and workaholic wife
than hears peee.... and sounds other
for the train which is about to arrive

the masters tell him to b quick
and rush to the ac compartment
agan the burden is on his back stick
the masters settle with adjustment

he asks his pay for his service
the masters agan bargain givin him less
moving out of the ac place says he
"a heavy burden family or suitcase"

Thursday, 24 February 2011

life or black

as the golden sun
dawns upon the dark and complete cave
a girl sees this beautiful world
as a painting full of coulourful wave

just as she opens her eyes
and brings in the beutiful light
the sadness of the dark sky
is lost in the glory and bright

now she starts heading towards her youth
with her small steps of wisdom
the sun now reaches overhead to describe
the movement of birds with freedom

she has now grown a young lady
and the sky is immitating the girl
in the readdish bridal satire
who will now enter an era of calmness swirl

now starts the day of serenity
to give life and to give peace
the sun is now not violent
and is heading castle of his reACH

the evening is stable
helpin birds to reach their destiny
and the children grow and learn
in their mothers facts and testimony

the sun is now planning
to go his grand castle to bring darkness
the mother is old and cannot walk
for her children left her to sadness

the night comes and ends everythng
leaves a black mark undiminished
the grandmother sleeps and starts
a journey to heaven unlieshed

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

is this progression

growin in the world is recession
troubles masses and procession
old are the suicide of farmers
but new are the occasiion

government is unconcern
of their politics and numerous temptation
terrorist kill hundrds of ppl
for their fun and frustration

umemployed and undergraduated is the  youth
and is a piece of news and topic of sensation
polluting the holy world
in face of their suspension

tigers are saved on newspapers and advertisements
by ministers and their so called regiments
and their sons kill tigers in reality
without having any allegations

tigers are saved
to protect their succesion
to grow the humanity and the declining craze
 due to animation

womens burnt alive for gold and dowry
to fulfil the greeds needs and somtimes aggression
after 60 years of independence of india
i ask is this progression?

no legal forums no legal charges
to worshiip the lord and owner of coruuption
to protect copse lik kalmady
to make his life worth vacation

 dying are the waves the feelings and soul
of india as a godess and as a nation
y underprevilid uneducated and the handicapped
are the ones to get least attention?

is this the dream the desire and the motto
the reality and destination
for all who layed their lives
and who wer patriotic creations

gone are the days of laxmi and tantya
here are the days of raja and maya
follow the wrong and worship lie
else u will suffer fortune as assasination

the world is ahead by steps and miles
poor are their not in mind but in files
they who cant mark their name on a paper
will how make history and influence nature

cant questions make their lives and change their situation?
cant a step change the truth and lift them frm station?

we so called burdened 100 crore population
cant change the ethics and the way?
the 1000's of small minds in the system
and we talk about united india and coalation

is just the poems and black and white ink on paper?
spread like a word of helplessness
or an emblem of an insensitive society
using truth as a weapon of their small passions?

issues and matter lik taj and other terrifyin rations
are not to be taken as matter of security
but as a source of flowing money into the pockets
by directors of telivision

taj is called the beauty and
the feeling of king and his tenations
wasnt it the reason to cut thousand of hands?
to further stop the artist frm his grand venations

hundreds of girl child killed
in rural areas for  unburden and concession
ask the mother ,is it the true destiny?
or old and ruthless rural conservation

is this world a virtual castle
to cause pain and make ill correction?
or to make the world worthy
with love and determination?